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Commando Pitch & Putt Balls x 12 Balls

Brand: Commando

Model: Pitch & Putt Balls (Includes the Pitch & Putt Union of Ireland logo)

No of Balls Per Box/Sleeve: 3 Balls Per Box/Sleeve (Minimum order of 4 boxes/sleeves = 12 Balls)

Ball Colours Available:

1. White

2. Yellow

3. Orange

4. Pink

5. Blue

Product Description

The new Commando Ball comes in a fresh new blue colour, it also has improved distance, spin and feel for improved control around the greens.  There is no change in the weight of the new Commando ball with a new seamless ball construction for more consistent playability.

Commando Golf Ball Review

After playing a Summer of Pitch and Putt as a kid it soon become apparent at the end of the Summer that the Commando golf ball is an essential piece of equipment for a seasoned Pitch & Putt player. With small compact and not always flat greens, getting your golf ball to stick to the green gives you a distinct advantage in pitch and putt.

When I started playing Pitch & Putt first I used conventional golf balls, however when I did manage to hit a decent shot onto the green they ended up flying miles off it and a frustrating pitch or chipping routine followed with mixed results and scores.

After a few rounds I noticed my friends using “Commando” balls. Commando balls are ideal for pitch and putt as they are a lot heavier than a conventional golf ball. This means it is a little easier to add some spin to the ball – even with moderate skill levels. The heavier ball combined with the little bit of spin means that the ball grips and sticks to the smaller pitch and putt greens leaving you hopefully two putts for a par rather than one (if you’re lucky).

Commando golf balls however were not always easy to find and getting tem invariably involved knowing somebody who knew somebody that could get them. Indeed when we at Cole Golf went looking for Commando golf balls to my surprise we found them difficult to source with different suppliers pointing us in different directions. With a little perseverance we eventually found the suppliers of Commando golf balls.

Commando golf balls are manufactured by Penfold Golf originally as a range ball, they were not intended to be used specifically for pitch and putt. The independent British company founded by Albert Penfold in 1927 is still located in Coventry in the UK.

Albert Penfold’s place in golf history is cemented when he created the first all white golf ball as well as the famous Maxfli ball. The company reached iconic status when the Penfold ball was used by 007 in Goldfinger.

Commando golf balls come in boxes of three and are available in two colours, white or yellow. The yellow ball is a little easier to spot in longer grass or when day light begins to fade as they are easier to see, both ball colours perform equally. The Commando balls we currently have for sale in Cole Golf have the Pitch and Putt Union of Ireland logo stamped on them, which are the newer model of Commando balls.

So if you are looking to lower your score or even improve it, then the Commando golf ball is a must have accessory.

 By Dan Cole


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