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CG Groove Sharpener Tool

Brand: Cole Golf

Model: Groove Sharpener

Product Features

- Put the life back into your wedges and irons

- Backspin like the pros

- Sharpens U, V and square grooves and is fully compliant with golf club limits set by USGA & R&A

- The groove tool works by sharpening edges in the grooves of your clubs

- 6 Sharpening heads mean whatever the make of your clubs, this groove sharpener will work for you

Product Description

Improve the performance of your irons and wedges by regrooving them with this Cole Golf groove sharpening tool.  


Lockdown Workshop 2 - Regrooving

Regrooving your irons, particularly your wedges can increase grip and in turn improve control and feel around the green. To get those pitch shots spinning back with your wedges you need to keep those grooves well maintained.

Regrooving does not require any specialized knowledge or skills and you only require one tool. Groove Sharpeners are quite cheap to purchase and easy to use.

What do I need to regroove my irons?

1. Some masking tape to protect the face of your club.

2. Some WD-40 oil to lubricate the grooves on your club.

3. A Groove Sharpener and an old towel.

Step 1 - Preparing your club for regrooving

Place some masking tape on the face of your club at the heel and the toe (where there are no grooves). This will help protect your club face from being scratched accidentally with your groove sharpener.


Step 2 - Lubricate your grooves with WD-40

The next step is to apply some oil directly onto the grooves. This makes the grooves more workable and easy to sharpen.

Add a liberal amount and ensure that you have oil across all the grooves on the club face.


Step 3 - Start regrooving your club face

Now that you have the club face protected with masking tape and you have added some oil to the grooves you are now ready to start regrooving.

The aim is not to regroove each single groove in one single go. Instead with your regroover work each groove slowly and do it a number of times. You do not want to force the tool into the groove. Like sharpening a knife the sharpness is added gradually.

Initially you will be removing any dirt and debris from the groove before you start to sharpen it. Note the oil is covered right across the cub face in the below picture.


Regrooving and regripping your clubs are two steps you can take to improve their performance. The grip is the only point of contact the golfer has with the club and the club face is the only point of contact with the ball.

By maintaining both you can keep your clubs in good condition regardless of their age. It is a good idea to work on the clubs you use the most.


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