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Wilson Staff DX2 Soft Golf Balls

Brand: Wilson Staff

Model: DX2 Soft Golf Balls - 2015 Model

No of Balls Per Box: 12

Ball Colours Available: White

Construction: 2 Piece

Product Description:

Since 1997 Wilson have been at the forefront of golf ball innovation. Beginning with the Wilson Staff titanium ball that had a compression reading of 87.

The new DX2 ball has a compression reading of 29 down from 40 on the last DX2 ball. As a result the new model DX2 is much longer of the tee with a softer feel around the green.

Wilson Staff DX2 Soft Golf Ball Review

Wilson have updated and released a new version of their popular Wilson Staff DX2 Soft golf ball for 2015.  The new DX2 balls are available to purchase in store, online via our website, or over the phone.  They are currently retailing at €20 for a dozen balls.

Wilson have lowered the compression reading in the DX2 ball from 40 down to 29 (28% lower).  The lower the compression reading on a golf ball the softer the ball is.  Golf balls compress at the point of impact against the face of a golf club, after they release (rebound) from the club face they return back to their original shape.  In theory the more a golf ball can be compressed the greater the distance it can travel.

The DX2 is a two piece ball (constructed from two components) including a core and the cover.  Typically two piece balls are firmer providing distance off the tee with less feel around the green.  The new softer DX2 ball blows this theory right out of the water, the low compression rating provides exceptional feel around the greens and long distance off the tee.

Conventional theory dictates that the type of golf ball you should use depends on your swing speed.  However in a typical round your swing speeds will vary depending on the type of shots you play.  So your swing speeds will differ when driving the ball compared to your mid iron shots or pitching for example. 

Assuming there are four par 3 holes on a course you might only use your driver 14 times.  You will use your driver roughly the same number of times if you shoot 100 or 70.  Therefore improving and lowering your scoring shots such as your approach shots, pitching and chipping is key to lowering your scores.  The DX2 ball provides the soft feel around the greens required to shoot lower scores.

In summary the new DX2 ball is quite durable and hard wearing considering it is a soft ball.   The premium softness does not come with a premium price and the DX2 is great value for money and worth considering.

Review By Dan Cole 

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