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Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grips - Set of 13

Brand: Golf Pride

Model: Tour Velvet Standard Round Grips x 13

Grip Colour: Black

Grip Design: Round

Material: State of the art rubber blend compound

Product Description:

Golf Pride grips are currently the leading choice for tour players. The Tour Velvet grip combines an exclusive state of the art rubber blend compound with a non slip surface pattern for maximum playability, comfort and confidence.

Lockdown Workshop 1 - Regripping

With golf courses currently closed due to the level 5 restrictions we thought we would put together some "How to" workshop articles. 

The aim is to keep them simple, so you can give them a try without needing any specialised tools.  Regripping your clubs is a useful skill to learn and not as difficult as many people think.  Also a lot of golfers tend to let their grips wear right down on all of their clubs before changing the grips on the full set. 

Instead you can change the grip on an individual club or a number of clubs when required.  This is less time consuming and cheaper.

OK, lets get started.

What do I need to change a grip?

1. Desk clamp with rubber vice grips

2. A hooked blade (to cut off your old grip).

3. Double sided tape

4. Grip solvent (white spirit) to activate the tape.

5. Catch pan or alternative to recycle grip solvent (an old milk carton cut in half will suffice).

Step 1 - Setting up your bench vice

I have a Golfsmith shaft vice specifically for regripping clubs.  Obviously this is an expensive tool and not required when doing it yourself. 

What I do recommend though is that you use rubber vice clamps in your bench vice.  This stops the shafts in your clubs from being damaged (kinked, dented, cracked etc.)  Do not overtighten the vice to clamp the club as this may crack or bend your shaft (particularly graphite shafts).


I have the vice set up over a catch pan which recycles the grip solvent and keeps your workbench nice and clean. 

An alternative for doing-it-yourself is a milk carton cut in half as in the below picture.  


Step 2 - Removing your old grip

Once you have your club positioned in your vice use your hooked blade to cut of the old grip. 

A hooked blade is used so it will not damage your shaft again more so when it comes to graphite shafts as you do not want to cut them and crack them.


Step 3 - Removing any old grip tape

When you have removed your grip you will be left with the old grip tape.  Removing the old grip tape is a good idea as adding new grip tape on top of old grip tape will increase the thickness of the shaft and in turn make the grip feel thicker in your hand.  

You can build up the grip tape if you prefer a slightly thicker grip.  A larger grip (i.e. midsize for example) suits golfers with larger hands.  It is also recommended for golfers to stop them from turning the club over.

I use a heat gun and I apply a light heat over the grip tape moving it back and forwards so to avoid burning the tape (and shaft). 

Once you have applied a little heat to the tape it should peel away easily.  If you do not have a heat gun some white spirits will also work.


Step 4 - Adding the new grip to your club

Once you have removed the old grip tape you will need to add some new grip tape to add your new grip to your club.  

Firstly, measure how much grip tape you need.  To do this place your new grip along your shaft and put a mark where the grip ends on the shaft.  This indicates how much of your shaft will require grip tape.


Place the grip tape about half an inch back from your mark.  The tape should overhang the end of your shaft again by half an inch.


Wrap the tape around the shaft and twist at the end.  Cut any excess tape off with.  You are now ready to apply the grip solvent.


Step 5 - Adding your new grip

Finally you are ready to add your new grip onto your club.  Apply a liberal amount of grip solvent over the grip tape to activate it. 

Also add some solvent inside the grip (remember to put your finger over the hole at the bottom of the grip so the solvent does not go everywhere).

Slightly squeeze the tip of the grip to add it onto your shaft, then quickly push the grip over your shaft, right up to the mark you made earlier on. 

Remember to line your grip up with your club head so that the logo is facing in the correct position.  Some golfers use the logo to align their hands on the club.

The catch pan recycles any excess solvent, the milk carton will perform the same task or you could spray on the solvent with a sprayer.  The more lubricated the grip tape the easier it will be to add the grip.

Once the grip is on lightly tap it on the ground to remove any excess grip solvent and wipe it down. Leave it for 15 mins to dry and your good to go. Job done.


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