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Herrick Midsize Putter Grip - White/Black with 2 Grip Tape Strips

Brand: Herrick

Model: Midsize Putter Grip

Grip Colour: White/Black

Grip Weight: 44 grams

Product Description:

The Herrick Midsize Putter Grip is manufactured from PU material for a tacky feel and has a 1" flat face with a slight taper. 

Includes 2 Grip Tape Strips to regrip your putter with.

The benefits of regripping your golf clubs

Most people who are even a little bit serious about the game of golf will spend hundreds of hours practicing the game. Time is spent at the driving range, on the putting greens and taking lessons to try to improve. However, much of this time and effort may be in vain if you do not take the steps to properly maintain your golf clubs. Golf equipment can be expensive, but regripping your clubs is one of the most cost effective things you can do to improve your clubs and your game.

Benefits of regripping

The Most obvious advantage of regripping your clubs, rather than replacing them, is the cost. You can replace the grips on your clubs for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a whole new set...

Also, once you have found a set of clubs you are comfortable with; it is a shame to think about replacing them just because of worn grips. If you do replace them, even with a set of the same make and model, it is unlikely that they will feel and play exactly the same way. You are much better off regripping, rather than replacing, your favourite clubs.

Naturally, another benefit of replacing the grips on your golf clubs is the improved feel, grip and control. Worn grips may allow the clubs to shift in your hands during your swing. The club may move in your hand, or the shaft may move inside the grip. Regripping can eliminate those problems.

Different types of grips 

The three main types of grips are rubber, cord, and synthetic. Rubber and synthetic grips are the most common choice for the occasional golfer. However if you play in wet or humid areas, or if your hands tend to sweat while golfing, you may want to consider a corded grip. Corded grips are infused with a woven cotton cord that draws moisture away from your hands and keeps the grip from becoming slippery.

Time and money

Finally, regripping your clubs will not only save you a considerable amount of time, it can be done in a very short time. Many pro shops and sporting goods stores offer the service while you shop. Typically, an entire set of clubs can be regripped in an hour or two. The cost of regripping clubs can vary, depending the type of grip you choose, who you choose to have do it, or if you do it yourself. On average, you can regrip a full set of clubs for between €100 and €200. Again, regripping your clubs, instead of replacing them, will save you hundreds of euros.

Do not make the mistake of spending countless hours practicing your golf game, while forgetting to maintain your golf equipment. Regripping your clubs is one of the most important, and most cost effective thing you can do to give yourself the best chance for success every time you step  on to the course.

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