Installing, Designing and Costing an Artificial Putting Green

Let's look at more detail the types of putting green turf available on the market. The advent of nylon turfs gives you the option of two turf choices, polypropylene or nylon. Polypropylene is good if you wish to pitch or chip onto the greens from say 100 yards or less. The ball sticks to the green better on Polypropylene greens than it would on nylon green.

Building and installing putting green:

To install your artificial putting green in your garden you will require: artificial turf, gravel, sand, and a vibrating compactor, roll of mypex, PVC cement and PVC purple primer.

How to build your own putting green:

1. Clear the debris/dig out your existing lawn from your chosen location for the artificial putting green. This should be where water does not accumulate and is well drained, lay a 4" gravel base.

2. Cover the gravel base with sand and run the vibrating compactor over it. Landscape fabric/mypex is rolled out over the entire surface area of the artificial putting green. Putting greens are finished better when there is an edging around the perimeter of the green.

3. Lay down the artificial turf strip on the firm surface.

4. Contours and hills are added using additional base material (sand).

5. Roll out the artificial turf over the base, use a sharp knife to cut around the perimeter and when joining the rolls of turf.

6. Mark and install 2/3 cups, the standard cup size is 4.25" diameter.

Designing Putting Greens:

Garden Golf or any good supplier of artificial turf will be able to design your artificial putting green for you. The size and shape of the green will depend on your existing lawn and on the number of holes you wish to install. Designing depends on location, turf, contour/cup location and lighting. Factors influencing design include the customerís preference - is it for putting only or for chipping and putting?

An artificial putting green will add value to your property and will also lower your handicap as well as improving the aesthetic look of your garden not to mention less maintenance.