Why Choose an Artificial Putting Green

The advent of artificial turf, which is popular now in professional golf, marks a triumph for innovation and technology.

The advantages of having an artificial putting green are:

1. Artificial putting greens are a mix of technology and features of natural grass, they are durable, do not fade easily...

2. There is need no maintenance like mowing, watering or fertilizing.

3. Even if used heavily, their shape and form remain unscathed.

4. They are environmentally friendly and safe.

5. They can be custom-made.

6. You can improve the aesthetic appeal of your garden as well as increasing the value of your property.

The different types of artificial putting greens available:

1. Indoor Putting Greens provide the flexibility and freedom to practice golf regardless of external weather conditions.

2. Backyard putting greens can be customized to the homeowners’ tastes and preferences. Using the enhanced version of artificial grass, you can convert even a small lawn into an authentic putting course.

3. Garden Golf are one of the more affordable installers of artificial putting greens. The only maintenance required is power washing them once a year.

4. Home putting greens are useful for practicing putting and chipping throughout the year.

There are two major types of putting green turf available on the market. The types of artificial turf available are nylon and polypropylene. Nylon turf is new to the market and has superior qualities to polypropylene turf. Unlike polypropylene turf, nylon turf needs less maintenance and no topdressing or an infill.