Athlone, Co. Westmeath

Green 3 - Combo Pic

Green Size: 6 metres x 8 metres: 48 square metres

Completion Time: 5 days

Garden Golf Notes: The client wished to build a practice putting green for her son, who is a talented young golfer. The client wished to integrate the green into the garden using a natural fringe so that only the surrounding lawn and the putting green were visible.

There was a lot of groundwork preparation required in order to lay the green on a level surface. This involved digging into the ground in one section and building up another section of the ground where the green was being laid. The garden was quite large and the green was also going to be used for chipping and pitching practice.

The grass has since grown around the fringes of the green and it now looks like the putting green has always been there. We hope to revisit the client soon to get an updated photo of the green.