About our artificial turf

Garden Golf are official agents for Royal Grass Golf in Ireland.

Royal Grass are the global market leader in artificial putting green turf. Their synthetic grass is manufactured from nylon fibres which replicates the shape, structure and feel of a natural putting green. This is an important cosideration when choosing an artificial green that best replicates an actaul putting surface.

The artificial putting green turf we us has been extensively tested by Royal Grass for UV-resistance and protection from discolouration under extreme circumstances.

Royal Grass have interwoven a protective weed barrier into the turf (polypropylene backing cloth), this prevents any unsightly weeds from germinating and growing up through the putting surface.

The benefits of using Royal Grass putting turf

- All Garden Golf putting greens come with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee

- Has a 9.5 stimp meter reading, to simulate the speed on a natural putting green

- Perfect for putting and chipping from 6/7 metres

- Royal Grass putting green turf has a patented fibre design

- The colour of the putting green will not fade over time

- Garden Golf Putting Greens are low maintenance and durable against our varied Irish weather conditions