How to choose a wedge - loft and bounce options explained

There are two key factors to take into consideration when deciding on a wedge or wedges for your bag

How you can play more consistently

I read an article once by Monty who said that amateur golfers don't play enough percentage golf to score consistently. Monty meant that instead of always hitting pins most pros aim for the safe larger section of green. Therefore, if you mis hit your shot you have more room for error and should score a lower number than you might have otherwise done.

How to improve your mental approach

Three key points to help you with your mental approach to the game

How to break 90

Golf is a lifelong pursuit that will always challenge, may entertain, and will almost certainly frustrate at times. For most players, golf scores similar to those consistently seen from our favorite pros may be unattainable. A more reasonable goal for most is to find a way first to routinely break 90, but how do you get there? A few regular adjustments will provide the best opportunities to do so.

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