Lockdown Workshop 2 - Regrooving

Regrooving your irons, particularly your wedges can increase grip and in turn improve control and feel around the green. To get those pitch shots spinning back with your wedges you need to keep those grooves well maintained.

Lockdown Workshop 1 - Regripping

Regripping your clubs is a useful skill to learn and not as difficult as many people think.  Also a lot of golfers tend to let their grips wear right down on all of their clubs before changing the grips on the full set.  Instead you can change the grip on an individual club or a number of clubs when required.  This is less time consuming and cheaper.

The benefits of regripping your golf clubs

Most people who are even a little bit serious about the game of golf will spend hundreds of hours practicing the game. Time is spent at the driving range, on the putting greens and taking lessons to try to improve. However, much of this time and effort may be in vain if you do not take the steps to properly maintain your golf clubs. Golf equipment can be expensive, but regripping your clubs is one…

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