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Spalding Junior Golf Set Review

If you are looking for a good quality and reasonably priced junior golf clubs the Spalding Junior Golf Sets are highly recommended.

The sets come in three different age categories and are colour coded depending on the junior golfers height.  The gold set is aimed at junior golfers who are between 5'0" to 5'7" tall, usually aged between 12 to 15.  The red set is for juniors between  4'3" to 4'9" or 9 to 12 years old and the blue set is for juniors who are 3'5" to 4'3" tall or 5 - 8 years old.  

It is advisable to measure how tall the junior golfer is before purchasing a set.  We can measure the junior in store and recommend the right set based on their height.

Fitting a junior set to the juniors right height is an important consideration.  If the clubs are to long and heavy or too short it can hamper the juniors natural swing development.

The Spalding Junior set includes five clubs and a stand bag fitted with a padded double strap, to allow the bag to be carried over two shoulders like a school bag).  Manufacturers seem to be dropping a club out of their junior sets due to rising manufacturing costs.  However, the Spalding Junior Sets remain with five clubs in the set.

The set comprises of a 3 wood and head cover, 5, 7, and 9 iron and a traditional blade styled putter.  The clubs are fitted with junior flex graphite shafts, which make the clubs light and flexible, ideal to get the ball airborne with slower swing speeds.

The traditional blade putter is nicely weighted with an alignment aid on the back of the putter to make it easier to line up putts.
The dual strap on the stand bag allows the bag to be carried over both shoulders, like a school bag.  There are X pockets, with lots of room for a rain jacket, golf balls, tees and snacks.  The bag also comes with a rain hood, (umbrella holder and glove/towel holder).
The sets retail at €99 for the red and blue sets (ages 5 up to 11) and €109 for the gold set (ages 12 - 15).  

It is hard to beat the Spalding Junior Golf Sets in terms of club quality and value, the ideal set to get your junior golfer started in the game.

Review by Dan Cole

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