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Skymax Cube and Skymax Qwik Fold Trolleys Review

Skymax Cube and Skymax Qwik Fold Trolleys Review

Skymax Cube and Skymax Qwik Fold Trolleys Review

A lot of people ask us in the shop what are the main differences between the Skymax Cube and Skymax Qwik Fold trolleys. We thought it would be a good idea to write a review comparing both trolleys and outlining the benefits of both.

Trolley Features

Both trolleys are manufactured by Skymax, a UK golf brand synominous with quality and value for money. The Skymax trolleys are robust yet lightweight meaning they are easy to menouevour on the course even with a full bag of clubs attached to them. Both trolleys can accommodate the big staff bags without any difficulties. Bungee cords are used on the trolley which prevents your bag from twisting by providing a firmer hold.

They are constructed with lightweight aluminum frames and come with foot breaks, adjustable handles to suit your height, accessory storage boxes, bottle, scorecard and golf ball holders. 

Why Three Wheel Trolleys?

A lot of golfers have switched to three wheel trolleys in recent years partly due to the escalating costs of batteries and maintaining an electric trolley. The obvious benefit with a three wheel trolley is the zero maintenance costs. Unlike electric trolleys there is no battery or electric issues to content with later down the line.


Trolley Compactability

The Cube opens and closes in three moves, where as the Qwik Fold opens and closes in one move. All you have to do is press the button at the centre of the trolley and it collapses in seconds. Similarly, it also pops back open in one quick, easy movement. For those of you that have battled to open and close kid’s prams you will appreciate the simplicity and ease with which the Qwik Fold opens and closes.

The Cube is by no means cumbersome to open and close, it has a smooth spring loaded mechanism which opens and closes in seconds. The Cube is obviously more compact and folds down to only 22” in height. This is extremely useful if space is limited in the boot of your car, the Qwik Fold when folded is 29” high.

Storage Considerations

If you are giving anyone a lift to the course the Cube is very handy as you may not have enough space to take a friends gear as well as your own in the boot of the car. The Cube can easily be stored or hung on a rack in the garage, the shed or even under the stairs if storage space in the house is also at a premium.

Why it is better to push The Cube and the Qwik Fold are push trolleys, meaning you push them in front of you rather than pulling them behind you. This prevents you from twisting your back and is better for your back in the long run.

Both trolleys represent good value for money and are definitely worth considering, they are sturdy, lightweight and compact. The Cube and the Qwik Fold trolleys are available to purchase from, the Cube retails at €169 and the Qwik Fold retails at €159. Both trolleys come in an array of colour combinations to choose from.




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