How you can reduce your putting errors

How you can reduce your putting errors

One of the more common sayings in all of golf is "Drive for show, putt for dough." It is possible to have a great driving round and still wind up well over par because of the importance of putting. Par is set up to allow for two strokes on the green. If a course has the normal number of four par-3 holes, a golfer will hit his or her driver a maximum of 14 times in a round. The same golfer would hit around 36 putts in a round. The easiest way to shave strokes off of a score is through good putting. Here are some tips that can help improve putting regardless of the golf equipment used.

Get in a Routine

Like just about everything else in golf, a routine is important when putting. A routine allows a golfer to get comfortable before hitting the putt. Good results can then be tied to these good feelings, and putting can improve. The first thing that is important in hitting a putt that is more than a foot long is getting a feel for the lay of the land. A downhill putt will go faster than an uphill putt. The golf ball will follow gravity, and most of the time, breaks on the green will go toward the water. After getting a feel for the green, it is important to address the ball and then step back and take a few practice strokes. Take the same number each time to get in a routine. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

It is important to hit a few putts before taking to the course. The practice greens are likely to roll much like the greens on the course. Therefore, it is possible to have an idea of whether the greens are fast or slow. Also, a good practice routine involves setting up two tees that are just a bit further apart than the length of the putter head. Setting a ball between the tees and then putting allows a golfer a chance to work on the back-and-forth pendulum action that a putt should take. Swing through the ball rather than hitting at it.

Focus on the Ball

Many people look at the hole before while the ball. This is a perfect way to mishit a putt. It is difficult to hit something without looking at it. Line up the putt with the a mark between the ball and the hole by using the writing on the ball. Then line up and look at the ball while trusting the feel of the putt.

Avoid the Three Putt
Many people miss long putts by a country mile. They do this more often if they actually focus on hitting the hole instead of the speed of the putt. Any putt should be hit hard enough to come within a three-foot circle of the hole. Those who are able to get the ball in this circle consistently will have fewer three putts and have a better round.
Putting can be difficult, but it is possible to improve. Better putting is the key to a better round because more shots are taken on the green than anywhere on the course.

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