What to consider when purchasing your next golf glove

As a rule golfers play with one glove only. If you are a right handed player you wear a glove on your left hand and visa versa if you are a left handed player.

I remember my brother thought he got a great deal when he bought his first set of clubs. He boast fully proclaimed to us that "they threw in glove for free". As a right handed player he should have got a left handed glove but instead got a right handed glove. Needless to say there were a few comparisons to Michael Jackson that day and his famous glove accessory. If nothing else it did provide us with great entertainment.

Essentially, the glove provides extra grip. For a right handed player the club is gripped with your left hand and directed with your right hand.

At Cole Golf we currently stock Wilson gloves, although in 2013 we will also be stocking Footjoy gloves.

The Wilson gloves are both coloured white. The Wilson Feel Plus glove is made from a soft synthetic leather and the Wilson Staff Grip glove is made from premium cabretta leather.  The Wilson Staff Grip is ideal for wet conditions on the course. 

Your glove should fit you snugly. Not to tight and not to lose. You don't want to much friction between your glove and club.

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