The difference between steel and graphite shafts

Golf clubs come in two types of shafts, steel and graphite.  The type of shaft you opt depends on your swing profile.

Graphite shafts are slightly more expensive than steel shafts.  The price difference is not as significant as it was in the past.  For example a complete graphite set may set you back an extra €30 to €40.

Graphite is lighter than steel which translates into quicker swing speed and extra distance with less vibration in your hands.

Recent advances in club technology have also made steel clubs lighter, just as graphite has become more durable.

Generally graphite is used by ladies, juniors, seniors and players with slower swing tempos.

Steel shafts are used by nearly all the tour pros.  Steel gives better golfers more control and accuracy on there shots.

There are also a number of different shafts types available including regular, stiff and uniflex.  Shaft options are available in drivers, fairway woods and more expensive iron sets.

Stiffer shafts are slightly heavier and are used for players with quick/aggressive swing tempos for improved control and distance.

Regular shafts are slightly lighter and are used for players with a slower or more regular swing tempo.

The bend and flexibility of the shaft is also an important consideration for getting the ball airborne.  The higher the bend the lower the ball flight.

If you need further assistance in deciding which shaft type to choose please do not hesitate to contact us on (045) 409 998 and we will be happy to help you.

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