Choosing an electric golf trolley

Choosing an electric golf trolley

Electric golf trolleys are very handy to have around the golf course, particularly if it is a long or hilly course.  They are also a much needed piece of equipment if you are having some difficulty carrying your clubs due to age or ill health.

The last time I carried my bag around the course I did find myself waning a little towards the end of my round and produced some tired shots.

Buying an electric golf trolley can seem a bit daunting as there are various different considerations and features to consider.
The one piece of advice I do give to all our customers is to purchase your trolley from an authorised retailer.

When you purchase from an authorised retailer like Cole Golf it comes with a manufacturers warranty should you have any problems with your trolley.

Buying second hand trolleys

Purchasing second hand trolleys can be a bit of a minefield.  The battery could be shot, only for you to realise halfway through your round.  It could end up costing you €120 to purchase a new one, eliminating the cost saving you made by buying second hand in the first place.

I do also advise caution to customers looking to purchase cheaper electric trolleys, particularly anything under €300 mark.  it can be a false economy and like second hand trolleys performance can become an issue.

If you have any problems with a cheaper trolley it may have to go back to the manufacturers directly to be repaired, which could be the UK or even further afield.  Leaving you without your trolley for days or even weeks on end.

Hill Billy Terrain

If your looking for a budget friendly option I recommend the Hill Billy Terrain.  It is a quality trolley, robustly made and very powerful. Ideal for our Irish climate.  It comes with a manufacturers two year warranty and can be repaired locally, should you have any problems.
I'd recommend the Hill Billy Terrain for golfers who maybe play once a week or a couple of times a month.

Powakaddy Freeway

If you play more regularly and are looking to invest a little more on a trolley then the Powakaddy Freeway is an excellent choice.  The Freeway comes with a 36 hole battery option unlike the Hill Billy which only comes with an 18 hole battery.

When deciding on battery life you should consider how regularly you play.  The more regular you play I would recommend going with the 36 hole battery.

Trolley maintenance

It is important that you take care of your trolley and battery when you purchase it.  Charge it frequently even if you are not using your trolley.

Also don't leave them in a damp location over the winter as this can damage the battery.

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