Adding a hybrid to your bag

Hybrids have become really popular in recent years, a lot of the pros now carry at least one hybrid in their bag. At last years Open Championship the lowest iron in Rickie Fowler's bag was a 6 iron.

Hybrids are a lot easier to hit more consistently than your traditional long 3 and 4 irons. They are more forgiving and ideal to use when the ball is nestled up in some rough just off the fairway. 

Hybrids have bigger club heads than the traditional longer irons which give you more confidence over the shot and a bigger sweet spot to aid you with any off centre strikes.

When using your hybrids, use them like you would an iron, ie strike down through the ball like an iron shot and avoid positioning the ball forward in your stance and taking a sweeping shot.

A good set up is also key. Ensure that your feet, knees, hips and shoulders are all aligned square to the target. Step back behind your ball to check your target lines first.

By using hybrids you will become more consistent on longer shots. This consistency will lower and improve your scoring over time.

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