Accessories to help keep your clubs clean

Accessories to help keep your clubs clean

If you have invested in a good set of clubs and are playing with a quality golf ball, like a Pro V1 or a Z Star it is important to keep your clubs free from and dirt or debris during your round.

Dirt collecting in the grooves can affect the connection you make with the ball and can also affect the distance and accuracy of your shot. Similarly keeping your ball clean will also improve distance and control.

It is very rare that a pro doesn't mark and pick up their ball on the green and give it to their caddy for a clean. You will also notice caddies religiously cleaning clubs after each shot.

Of course you will not have a caddy at your disposal but there are a few handy accessories you can purchase to add to your bag to help you keep your clubs and ball debris free during your round.

Titleist Dri Hood Towel

The best ideas are often the simplest. The new Titleist Dri Hood Towel is a very clever idea developed on actual feedback received from tour caddies. One side is the towel the other side is a rain proof cover. 

The towel is also bigger than conventional towels. You can clip the towel to your bag and use is as usual, however should it start to rain, you can flip the towel over your clubs, keeping both your clubs and towel dry. The larger towel also gives you more material to use on keeping your clubs clean during a typical round.

The Masters Ball Cleaner

This useful accessory for cleaning golf balls attaches onto your bag nice and easily. You simply press your ball into the sponge to clean your ball, the sponge stays damp during your round so there is not messing about with water bottles etc.

The Masters 3-In-1 Brush

This is one of our best selling accessories, it is nice and compact and conveniently fits into your pocket. It can be used for clearing dirt from your grooves, so that by the end of the round you don't have excessive mud dried solid into your club heads.

The Masters Opti Cleaner Brush

The Opti Cleaner brush is more for cleaning your clubs after a round or before you play. It will remove any dried on mud from your groves. If you have a towel to hand you can wipe your clubs clean after using the Opti Cleaner brush.

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