Can golf tees help your game?

There was a time when the only types of tees available were standard wooden and plastic tees.

The are now wooden and plastic tees available in every type of style, shape, length and colour imaginable.

Brush Tees

The latest innovation in tees is the Bush Tee. The ball nestles on a series of brushes instead of cupped on a traditional tee, the result is a reduction in driver friction and more accurate driving.

On traditional tees you push the ball down into the tee creating side spin. As the ball sits on brushes there is more flexibility with more give, the ball can be pushed down slightly without creating side spin, resulting in a more accurate drive.

Independent testing has verified the manufacturers claim of increased accuracy and it is a very clever concept.

The only negative about the Brush Tees is the price, they come in packs of three and can be quite expensive, particularly if you are prone to losing tees quite frequently. They are bigger though in size than traditional tees and coloured bright orange so they do last longer and are easier to spot on the tee box.

If you are having some problems off the tee with accuracy it is worth investing in a packet of brush tees as they could be a cheaper alternative to buying a new driver.

Cone Tees

Cone tees have a wider shoulder/diameter to hold the ball and provide extra stability in windy conditions. 

Graduated Tees

Graduated tees come in different heights, they are used for teeing your ball up at the same height every time.  This is handy as you should be teeing up your ball to hit your driver at the centre of the club face.

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