How you can play more consistently

How you can play more consistently

I read an article once by Monty who said that amateur golfers don't play enough percentage golf to score consistently.

Monty meant that instead of always hitting pins most pros aim for the safe larger section of green. Therefore, if you mis hit your shot you have more room for error and should score a lower number than you might have otherwise done.

To lower your scores or to play more consistently there are a number of steps you can work on regardless of your handicap.

Have a good pre-shot routine

Your pre-shot is one of the most important elements of your game.

Firstly step back about two yards behind your shot and check your target line. How strong is the wind? Adjust your aim accordingly if there is a strong wind.

Jack Nicklaus picks a point on the ground about a yard and half ahead of him. It may be a divot or a patch of grass. This is the direction Jack wishes to send the ball.

Align your body to your target so you are aiming in the right direction. By aiming and aligning your shot you already have a higher percentage of hitting the target before you have even taken a swing.

Proper stance

After your grip, your stance is probably the most important element of your game.

You can work on your stance step by step. You will see some pros stand with their feet together then adjust their stance depending on the type of shot they are playing. Make sure the club face is square to the target.

Then bend your knees slightly. One or two practice swings and then hit the ball.

Don't take to long over your shot or overly clutter your mind with too many swing thoughts.

A good pre shot routine will increase your consistency on the golf course. Be sure though to stick to the same pre shot routine and apply it to every shot.


Article by Dan Cole

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