How to improve your mental approach

Three key points to help you with your mental approach to the game


1. Golf can sometimes be unfair

Picture it now you have hit a perfect tee shot 250 yards straight down the fairway, only for it to hit a rock and go 20 yards to the right. You often see in Augusta pros hitting perfect tee shots into a green and the ball rolling 20 feet off the green.

By understanding that you won't hit it perfect all the time and that sometimes other factors can go against you this allows you to move on to the next shot and not become frustrated or anxious. OK, so you hit a bad shot, no problem, go through your pre shot routine again, think smooth and keep composed. Don't let a bad shot turn into a bad hole or round.

2. Stay in the present

Yesterdays good session down in the driving range doesn't mean you are going to hit it as well today in your round.

A good practice session in the range should improve your confidence. However its not an absolute banker that you will play well today in your round as a result. Again stay calm and keep in the present. Go through your pre shot routine and think smooth. OK I hooked my drive into the rough 50 yards off the tee, what shot do I need next to play this hole in the least amount of shots as possible? I hit my hybrid quite well, so let's use my hybrid to get me back in play.

When I'm in the range I work through typical shots I would play on a hole. In other words I hit a drive, then a mid iron and then I pick a target and try and pitch as close as I can to the target. If you think about it your not going to get 10 attempts at teeing off on each hole.

3. Keeping working on improving your game

I recently read an article by Rory McIlroy in which he said one of his main aims is to keep getting better every year. Even the world no 1 is always working on improving his game.

Your end game is to become more consistent, swing more consistently and score more consistently. By accepting that your game is still a work in progress will help you learn from your mistakes and improve gradually.

Remember, golf can be unfair at times, keep calm stay focused and stay in the present. Think your way through the hole and your round. Always aim to improve and accept that there is always room for improvement in your game.

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